Ajay Thadani

Account Director, Brandwidth Events Pvt. Ltd.

  • What are the perks of being an event manager?

    The perks of being an event manager is interacting with every other industry out there. Every type of company/ service provider will either be your client, or your partner/ supplier. You will learn about various industries, and while you're at it, you will meet/ deal with different kinds of people. An added bonus is traveling. Events happen not just in pan India, but across the globe.

  • What are the prerequisites of being an event manager?

    Common sense! Event management is not rocket science. It's just common sense. You need to know what happens when, and what happens if. Skills, softwares and technical knowledge is what you'll learn throughout your journey anyway.

  • How do you deal with clients who are constant nags or stress about every little detail?

    Don't think that your client as nagging, think of them as worried. They just need to be reassured that things are in control, and if something hasn't happened yet, it's because others things that have more priority are in action currently. The key is to keep your cool, and say "yes" to the client. Tell them every thing will be sorted. And then ensure that they will be, because that's your job.

  • Should event management aspirants sign up for a course before entering the profession?

    Not necessarily. It's always a plus, but not a prerequisite. I wouldn't recommend it as a primary degree/ diploma. Secondary add-on education, sure, if you have the time and money for it.

  • How do you make your decisions on sourcing reliable partners and suppliers for an event?

    Credibility. A thorough background check is necessary. There should be proof that the partner/ supplier can deliver the quality you requested. If they cost more than the others, but ensure quality that others can't, they're worth it. Often mistakes are made while choosing a supplier on a budget. But is it really worth losing respect if things go wrong when a few extra bucks could guarantee quality?

  • How do you deal with an immediate crisis or error committed by you during an event?

    The first thing you do, is to accept your fault and own it. The first action you take after that is inform your boss. You might have a solution, or might think you can deal with the situation, but always remember that your boss has already been there and done that. You may still go ahead and apply your solution, but you must break the news to your boss first so he can step in immediately when required.