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  • In your book, what does an entry need to win a Titanium and Integrated Lion?

    In Titanium, you either get it or you don't. The jury decides how many there should be. I think most Lions are for the best piece of communication for that period. But in Titanium, one would look for work that is not necessarily relevant to that year but could stand as an example of breakthrough communication for any period. The Rom chocolates campaign will probably stand the test of time. I look for a conceptual breakthrough that has never been done before and could afterwards become the norm; less of a 'best of the work that year' and closer to 'best of the work for that generation or forever'.

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  • While Titanium and Integrated is a very prized category globally, in India, many creative people still prefer a Film Lion. Why does that happen?

    In any competition, some events are more glamorous. In the Olympics for instance,the winner of the decathlon is considered a more comprehensive athlete but the glamorous event is still the 100 metre dash. Films are the kind of thing that drives creative people more but I think, at the absolute senior end of both the ad and marketing industry,a Titanium win carries more weight.

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  • How far along the curve is India when it comes to the Titanium and Integrated category?

    In these categories, understanding cultural context is more important. It's not for a single piece of creative but the impact that the idea had on the market. I don't think India is very far along the curve. And yet, it seems the right category for culturally indigenous markets like India and Latin America as opposed to films where you need a universal idea or execution. Any idea, irrespective of its expression in a given medium or even a new medium, could stand a strong chance. In terms of the various boxes one ticks off, concept would be of a higher priority than execution by which I mean craft rather than the way it gets rolled out. Scale plays a major role.

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  • What are your thoughts on being on the Titanium and Integrated jury?

    I wasn't expecting to be on it since the category has a halo around it. It represents the creme de la crème of campaigns. It probably has something to do with the fact that I had won an Integrated Lion.

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