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Energetic, motivated, focused, eager to learn new things and explore them. Being an artist and printmaker I always play with space and try to connect all senses of spectator. I never hesitated on doing commercials because it revert me money to present my ideas in front of society. I basically hail from a village name Uttar Pradesh name Ajodhya “the city of lord Rama” For the colours in my picture I depend on my journey throughout the day, week, or year. I pick those colours that I see during my way to destination. Therefor same time I used vibrant red and same time I used powerful mud colour. I am not bound to single medium to explore. myself even don’t prefer to master in single medium. I want learn and explore every possible way through which I can present my idea. I choose medium according subject demand. Printmaking ,installations, video art , performance art, land art above all are the different medium of presenting the idea but I have single thought ‘’society ,atmosphere around me’’. I love print making, it has some magic which give extra weight to idea. I generally do woodcut, lithography and etchings. Idea behind creating a picture is very common but the challenge is you have to feel it not to find it. Once my subject draw picture then no one can change it evens myself. I am not bound to particular theme, but the thing which I feel I paint it or present it in front of you

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