Abhijat Bharadwaj

Executive Creative Director, Creativeland Asia.

  • What do you do if an ad campaign is unsuccessful?

    That's a very good question. Well, it's important to have a very thick skin when you're in advertising. Sometimes even the best of campaigns fail and the very best of ideas never see the light of the day. The first step would be to get feedback on why the campaign failed. Being ruthless at this stage is very important. Then you go straight back to the drawing board and this time you work harder, way harder. The reasons for the failure of a campaign could be many, the creatives that were put out could be the problem... Maybe the brief was wrong... or maybe it was just a case of the T.G not understanding what the campaign was talking about. In my experience the next time you do it, it will surely work better.

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  • Do you think a creative campaign overshadows the advertised product or adds value to it?

    That's a very good question. We have a saying in advertising that 'Good advertising kills a bad product faster'. But if the product is good then manyatimes the creative campaign can become the Product. A case in point would be the vodafone campaigns. Now we all know that vodafone didn't have the best network but somehow the creative camapign became the product... You thought of Vodafone in

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