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Multiple award winning actor, filmmaker, talk show host and social activist. Bollywood's Mr. Perfectionist. Described by Newsweek as the biggest movie star in the world. Founder of Aamir Khan Productions.

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  • When an Aamir Khan film is releasing, the audience has immense trust in it, they know it will be a good film. Was there a strategy to get such a reputation?
  • Do you agree that you are a born actor?
  • Do you believe in method acting?
  • How important is it for an actor to learn dance, sword fighting, horse riding, and many such skills in today's time?
  • With so many years of acting, is it easy now to memorise long dialogues before the shoot?
  • Aamir, you did films like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Baazi at a time when other actors were scared of experimenting. Your films weren’t considered mainstream. Have things changed now? Do you think the risk paid off?
  • When did you realise that you were a star?

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