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About A. R. Rahman

Grammy and Academy Award-winning Indian musician, music producer and multi-instrumentalist. Known for integrating Indian classical music with electronic music, world music and traditional orchestral arrangements, A.R. Rahman has been hailed as the world's most prominent and prolific music composers by TIME Magazine.

Connect with A. R. Rahman's life

  • How do you go about putting together a score and tracks for a guy stuck under a boulder
  • How challenging are live shows for you, since you began as a studio musician and composer?
  • What does A. R. Rahman listen to everyday?
  • Do you have special time of the day when you feel more creative? And/or a certain place?
  • You’ve composed a number of songs with a heavy Indian classical base. Do you have a favorite raga that you tend to favor or do compose to fit the situation?
  • What is your process when you go about creating a new film score? Also, who are some artists that you look up to and have learned from?
  • What’s your typical day like? Do you draw most of your inspiration from within your studio? Also, what’s your favorite food?
  • Are there any western musicals pieces that have shaped your musical talent?
  • What music moves you the most?
  • Who is your favourite music director?
  • Earlier, you were seen as an introvert. But now, you seem to mingle well with everyone. What brought about this change?
  • You have won the hearts of a billion people. Did anyone propose you?
  • You still look young even though you crossed 50. What is your diet? How do you keep fit?
  • Did anyone approach you seeking your permission to direct a biopic on you?
  • Do you consider yourself as a conservative person?
  • Your association with Mani Ratnam has spawned some iconic soundtracks and you’ve also worked with the likes of Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart and Joss Stone as part of SuperHeavy. How have these diverse musical influences impacted how you approach music?
  • Modern Hindi films place a lot of emphasis on catchy item songs. What is your view of commercial Hindi music today?
  • How would you define the power of music and what is the message you aim to impart through your music?
  • In your Vande Matram album, despite being so young, you were able to gather all these maestros to come together and perform for your rendition of Rabindranath Tagore’s creation. How?
  • There are many versions of how you came to be called AR Rahman. What is the real story?
  • Did your belief in spirituality help when you and your family were facing hard times?
  • Is Indian music truly going global and do you think that’s a good thing?
  • How has AR Rahman, the performer, changed over the years?
  • There are times when you are described in superlatives. How do you look at it?
  • Is there constant pressure to deliver the best every time you score music?
  • How do you look at the scenario where language is given more importance than the music?
  • Do you still have stage fright when you perform at concerts?
  • Of all the accolades from Oscars and Golden Globes to being feted by Presidents, what has meant the most to you?
  • You are famous for less speaking and quite a media shy person. Then, what made you decide to go for your own autobiography?
  • Apart from music, you have also developed a passion towards Photography. How did it happen?
  • How important is it, especially in today’s context, to not impose religious beliefs on others?
  • What prompted you to go into production on your debut film 99 songs and how did you find the experience of turning scriptwriter?
  • What has your journey through music taught you?
  • A R Rahman to turn judge on Indian television for the first time

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