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What is Sports?

Sports is any form of athletic or energetic activity that makes use of physical, mental and technical prowess in a competitive manner for the purpose of entertainment or fitness. Sports can be classified as individual or team. It requires special equipment and can be played at various levels and age groups. All types of sports require some level of tactical vigour and mettle in order to be successful.

Although physicality and fortitude are the pillars of sports, sportsmanship holds the highest regard. Sportsmanship refers to the ethical and moral considerations that develop while playing a sport. This includes using fair practices, respecting the opposition and maintaining character in defeat. The multi-faceted nature of sports truly makes it an engaging and exciting activity.

What careers can you pursue in Sportss?

A career as a sportsperson is the most popular aspiration when it comes to sports as an occupation. However, sportspersons need to be disciplined and dedicated from an early age in order to have a chance to play at the highest levels. But, apart from a career as a sportsperson, you may also pursue various other roles related to sports at the highest levels. This includes tactical roles such as coaching and supporting roles such as medical staff and logistics. Other roles include broadcasting, refereeing and umpiring. Sports at the highest level offers great remuneration for dedicated roles and also instils a sense of connection at a professional level. Additionally, sports professionals have the opportunity to represent their countries and become role models. Due to the unique nature of a career in sports, it can be rewarding both – in terms of health and wealth.

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Golf Players
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Tennis Players

Who are the top experts from the Sports fraternity?

The best experts from the sports fraternity comprise of sportspersons, coaches and administrators. There are other roles as well, but these roles have had the most influence on sports as a whole. Some of the most popular and successful sportspersons from football include Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Pelé and Ronaldinho. Top experts from cricket include Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Shane Warne and Sourav Ganguly. The best experts from tennis include Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Pete Sampras. The most successful athletes include Usain Bolt, Milkha Singh, P.T Usha and Justin Gatlin. All of the top experts are highly regarded in their field and are role models for generations.

  • Anju Bobby George
  • Ashton Eaton
  • Deepika Kumari
  • Dutee Chand
  • Ashwini Machimanda
  • Ashwini Ponnappa
  • Chetan Anand
  • Chirag Shetty
  • Akash Jain
  • Amjyot Singh
  • Bill Russell
  • Geethu Anna Jose
  • Amit Panghal
  • Laila Ali
  • Manny Pacquiao
  • Mary Kom
  • Aakash Chopra
  • Aaron Finch
  • Ab De Villiers
  • Abhishek Desai
  • Aditi Chauhan
  • Ajay Menon
  • Ashalata Devi
  • Baichung Bhutia
  • Tiger Woods
  • Ajay Thakur
  • Anup Kumar
  • Manjeet Chillar
  • Niket6 Garg8
  • Bhakti Sharma
  • Sandeep Sejwal
  • Virdhawal Khade
  • Ana Ivanovic
  • Andy Murray
  • Andy Roddick
  • Leander Paes

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