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What is Hospitality?

Traditionally Hospitality is the way people received guests and treat them. Hospitality can be seen in many aspects of life and businesses. Hospitality in the tradiational sense can be seen in many households when guests arrive. This has then evolved into a business in the form of hotel and hospitality industry and is a booming industry.

In the past decade companies have started focusing on hospitality to drive customer satisfacation and it has become a trend in indsutries other than the hospitality domain. It has now become a massive area of innovation and people have started focussing on hospitality ethics studies to standardise hospitality education and set benchmarks in the industry.

What careers can you pursue in Hospitalitys?

There are several careers which can be pursued in the hospitality industry . In today’s hypercompetitive business world, working in the hospitality industry does not merely involve receiving and serving guests for profits or customer satisfaction . Working in the hospitality industry requires a vast range of skills from soft skills to technical skills which has created a vast range of opportunities in the field of hospitality alone. From roles such as sales and marketing manager, receptionist, host, manager to specialised positions such as logistics, public relations, advertising, strategy and human resource management. Last but not the least, if you think you’re a jack of all trades and are willing to take risks becoming an hospitality entrepreneur may just be the thing for you.


Who are the top experts from the Hospitality fraternity?

Innumerable people have brought about significant transformations in the world of hospitality, each in their own way. From notable entrepreneurs who have started out small and went on to create vast hospitality businesses to thought leaders that revolutionise each area of business as we know it, these people have a lot to teach us. From Bill Marriott, Chip Conley to hospitality influencers such as Loren Gray, Chris Willard and hospitality executives and founders such as Lindsey Ueberroth have shaped the current hospitality industry and have established known brands.

  • Ajay Bakaya
  • Ankur Bhatia
  • Anshu Sarin
  • Nakul Anand
  • Ajit Agtey
  • Anny Divya
  • Avani Chaturvedi
  • Nivedita Bhasin

How can you learn Hospitality at Xpert?

Whatever your interest may be, be it starting out your own hospitality venture or working for a renowned venture in a leadership position, Xpert brings you the best in each respective field to guide you and provide you the knowledge you need to get a foothold in the industry you want to join. Xpert is an online platform that pledges to make learning from the best accessible to everyone. Helping you connect to the people you look up to so that you can learn from them first-hand, Xpert makes your idols into your teachers. Renowned hoteliers, managers , COOs , hospitality academics and PR professionals share their insights and wisdom with you, so that you too can make your mark in the field of your choice.