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What is Spirituality and Motivation?

Spirituality and motivation refer to human psychology, inner self. Spirituality is connected with our beliefs, religion, philosophy. Usually, it addresses the problem of searching for the meaning of life and finding peace with oneself. The key element of spirituality definition is the feeling of "connection with something bigger" than just physical human existence.

Motivation in simple language can be understood as willingness to take particular actions. It can be associated with words like fulfillment, self-happiness, and self-love. In literature, we can find different perspectives on this subject. Motivation as a pyramid of needs (Maslov), unconscious motivation (Freud), intrinsic and extrinsic motivation (Deci).

What careers can you pursue in Spirituality and Motivations?

There are many paths to choose from when you decide to pursue a career in spirituality and motivation. First, ask yourself if you like to work with people? If the answer is yes, you fulfill the most important criteria. For those who want to inspire and guide others through life, a motivational speaker sounds like a perfect option. Charisma, sense of humor, and courage to speak in front of a big audience are the key. Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from mental health issues. If you are an empathetic, patient person, who is willing to help others find their self-happiness you may consider becoming a psychologist or psychiatrist. Keep in mind, that for psychiatrists, medicine studies are required. Don't forget about spiritual teachers: yoga instructors, philosophers, philanthropists, religious leaders. Because who is not looking for meaning in life?

Motivational Speakers
Spiritual Gurus

Who are the top experts from the Spirituality and Motivation fraternity?

We are talking about people, who had a huge influence on the last generations, cultural icons, top experts in human psychology, spiritual teachers. The best of the best, who are inspiring millions. People, who from their work gain authority and become specialists in their fields. They chose to follow the hard path, challenged themselves, and put enormous effort to go beyond others. Each of the stories to success is unique and that is why their expertise is so valuable. Who hasn't heard of Oprah Winfrey, Dalai Lama (Lhamo Thondup), Nick Vujicic, Brian Tracy, or Aaron Beck?

  • Akash Gautam
  • Amber De La Garza
  • Andy Andrews
  • Anil Sharma
  • Aaron Temkin Beck
  • Dr Edwin Fuller Torrey
  • Dr Lally Pia
  • Dr Lavanya Seshasayee
  • Aakanksha Sharma
  • Dalai Lama
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Gaur Gopal Das

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Are you looking for the meaning of life? Self-happiness? Maybe you need some words of motivation? Do you have questions about spirituality? There are answers. And there are in one place. From the top specialists, who are willing to share their wisdom with you. Xpert prioritzes social learning, so it's not the same as attending regular classes. Everyone can grow their knwoledge, by following their idols - whether it's for personal, educational,ore career purposes.Xpert platform gives you not only possibility to connect with experts, who are the inspiration for you. It allows you to discover new mentors: top experts in human psychology (psychologists, psychiatrist), spiritual teachers and motivational speakers.