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Walking out with a mass communication degree does not guarantee to get the right job in PR and corporate communications. It takes resilience and the right skills. It's only through the application of knowledge that you will realise your niche strengths and walk-in confident to get your job. At Xpert, the best PR and Corporate Communications professional handhold freshers and aspirants by training them and sharing insights to get them job-ready.

Don't be scared to survive through the competitive, the industry best have your back.


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The Standard Way

Get certifications and courses to have an impressive resume for the job.

With Xpert

Learn by doing on the instructions of the industry's best to get and survive at your job.

Attend unlimited live sessions.

Advance your career by attending exclusive live events by the top professionals of the country. They share their challenges, tricks and failures to equip you with the right outlook and skill.

Chat 1:1 with the industry best.

The super busy PR and corporate communications experts are now exclusively on Xpert to address all your fears, doubts and confusions. These stalwarts handhold you throughout.

Get Job Ready.

Go beyond concepts and definitions. Work on a real company's PR needs. Grab techniques to conceptualise and strategise your media coverages. Work to develop the right brand story for the company.

What is Xpert ?

Xpert is the destination for all aspiring PR and corporate communications professionals to help them get started with their profession. Learn how to grow a business through the right communication and media exposure under the guidance of the industry best.

The expensive degrees, courses and certifications...none can help you until you have the outlook that you need to get started as a PR and corporate communications fresher. Yes! you might be get well versed with the definitions and jargons, but the industry is looking for skill. We aim to empower you with the right skills for your first job as a PR and corporate communications professional. If, you have questions like:

1. How to get started as a PR and corporate communications professional?

2. What skills should I have to survive in my fast job?

3. How to create the right communication plan?

Xpert is the conduit between your dreams and reality. We make sure you put your dreams into action and get "job-ready".

How do we get you Job Ready ?

We are not the ones to bestow with you all the "gyaan" and jargons, we believe in learning by doing. Therefore other than holding live-sessions and 1:1 chat we also have a 6 weeks fellowship program to help you experience your life as a PR and corporate communications at your job desk. The fellowship enables you to:

1. Grab techniques and execute your campaigns.

2. Build your portfolio to create that immediate job impression.

3. Have referrals to all the top companies.

If you have all the courses up on your resume, yet unsure of what your job is, this is the one for you.

A few top rated sessions of the past by our exclusive experts:

The industrty best as mentors on Xpert

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