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Regardless of your educational background, we want to help you succeed as a marketer. From being trained on understanding consumer behaviour, to strategising ways to acquire user and demand to retaining the customers, the industry best will equip you with all to help you walk in cofident for your marketing job interview. Experts from top brands are here to hold you across this journey.

No more guessworks, assumptions, confusions, fears or doubts only clear and definite learning to craft your way into the world of marketing.


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The Standard Way

Get certifications and courses to impress the job interviewer.

With Xpert

Learn by doing on the instructions of the industry's best marketers.

Attend unlimited live sessions.

Advance your career by attending live events that give you direct access to the best marketers of the industry, who share their years of experience, techniques, opinions and advice to help you bag a marketing job.

Chat 1:1 with the industry best.

The super busy experts are now exclusively on Xpert to address all your fears, doubts and confusions. They mentor to help you craft a definite career path. Ask them anything you want.

Get Job Ready.

Gain real experience and adorn skills that your job would demand. You will be trained and will work as a professional We make you feel enthusiastic about taking job opportunities confidently.

What is Xpert ?

Xpert is the destination for the all the aspiring marketers in colleges to to help them get job-ready. We make sure you have all your career doubts sorted, your are armoured with the right skills and techniques and are job ready to walk into your interview holding your chin high. We make sure you are above courses and certifications.

The super fat marketing book, courses and certifications...none can help you at your interview or at your job desk. You have no idea of:

1. What exactly would your job be as a marketer?

2. What marketing job opportunities are best suited to your skill set?

3. Which companies are best for you to apply in?

Xpert is conduit between your dreams and reality. We make sure you put your dreams into action and get "job-ready".

How do we get you Job Ready ?

We are not the ones to bestow with you all the "gyaan" and jargons, we believe in learning by doing. Therefore other than holding live-sessions and 1:1 chat. We also have an application focussed bootcamp to help you experience your life as a marketer on your job desk. The fellowship enables you to:

1. Grab techniques and execute your marketing campaigns.

2. Build your marketing portfolio to create that immediate job impression.

3. Have referrals to all the top companies.

If you have all the courses up on your resume, yet unsure of what your job is, this is the one for you.

A few top rated sessions of the past by our exclusive experts:

The industrty best as mentors on Xpert

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