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What is Health and Fitness?

Fitness is defined as the state of being physically fit and healthy, it refers to your own optimal health and overall well-being. Being fit not only means physical health, but emotional and mental health, too. It defines every aspect of your health. Smart eating and active living are fundamental to fitness. It is the ability of the body to carry out daily vigorous task without any fatigue.

Being fit depends on how the individual fulfils each of the components of being healthy, which covers cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, body composition, flexibility. So if you are fit in all these holistic manner then you will be called fit. In order to complete all of the tasks, one must consistently address their fitness levels.

What careers can you pursue in Health and Fitnesss?

There are wide variety of career options when it comes to health and fitness but you have to decide on what you are really interested in doing and how you want your day to day life to look like.Careers in health and fitness are extremely popular, especially for those with a background that includes athletics. The Health and Fitness jobs category is very broad and includes these specialties: Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist Jobs, Medical Assistant, Sports Medicine Aid (or Aide), Physical Therapy Assistant, Sports Massage Therapist Jobs, Sports and Fitness Nutritionist, Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach, Exercise Physiologist, Sports Physician, Sports Psychologist, Sports Performance Management Specialist.

Fitness Instructors
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Who are the top experts from the Health and Fitness fraternity?

There are millions of people who have bought change in the fitness industry and taught individuals ranging from young professionals to old enthusiasts. These experts have gained years and years of experience in their domain and now are counted among some highly skilled professionals of health and fitness industry.They are changing the fitness world and inspiring many as they go along. Every person here has proven themselves industry leader of the areas of health, nutrition, training, or bodybuilding.People like Yasmin karachiwala, Guru Mann, Shail Khan and many more to name as the list is long.

  • Abhinav Mahajan
  • Amy Jordan
  • Art De Vany
  • Ayesha Billimoria
  • Amelia Freer
  • Aniket Karia
  • Anjali Mukerjee
  • Anju Venkat
  • Aaron Temkin Beck
  • Dr Edwin Fuller Torrey
  • Dr Lally Pia
  • Dr Lavanya Seshasayee
  • Baba Ramdev
  • Deepika Mehta
  • Kamal Singh
  • Maty Ezraty

How can you learn Health and Fitness at Xpert?

Xpert provides you a platfrom where you can learn fitness in a totally different manner by reaching out to your favourite experts in the fitness industry and asking your question without having to wander around thinking of a way to reach out to the experts. The way you will learn about fitness on xpert is different in way because here we are not providing you with any bookish knowledge or and recorded sessions but instead giving you access to contact and ask your question related to the fitness industry with our experts.It is a platform which promises to deliver content from the best experts accessible to everyone, helping you connect to the people you look up to so that you can learn from them first hand.