How does Xpert Work?

Xpert is an App that empowers everyone to learn from the best. Our endeavour is to capture every answer ever given by an Xpert, be it directly on our platform, in a seminar, through an interview, or via a podcast. Every inspirational experience, advice and opinion is captured on Xpert to help followers get closer to their dream.

Users come to Xpert to Follow , ask and learn from their idols. They vote for questions they want answered. Our platform aggregates their voice to present the most popular questions to an Xpert to answer.

Xperts use our platform to share their thoughts and give back to fans who see them as their teachers.

34+ Professions

  • Step1
    Follow Your Passion

    Choose from a list of over 22+ professions based on your preference.

  • Step2
    Choose your Idols

    Select from over 320+ experts, whom you wish to follow and learn from.

  • Step3
    Learn from the Best

    Learn from their sucess, failure, struggle, tricks, opinions and advice.

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