D2C Growth Marketing Program

Solve marketing for your D2C Brand, leveraging India's top growth experts!

A 8-week program for D2C founders & key operators looking to solve their marketing & scale their growth. Led by experts, working at India's #1 D2C brands. Run virtually over weekends.

Why enroll for this program?

Are you tasked with driving growth? We aim to help you identify & solve key challenges necessary to unlock growth for your D2C brand by auditing every step in your customers journey.

    • Struggling to find your market niche?
    • Has your growth on marketplaces plateaued?
    • Is your agency charging you way too high?
    • Is your ROAS falling?
    • Is your website contributing to less than 10% of total sales?
    • Struggling to get repeat users?
    • Are you relentlessly looking for ways to reduce dependency on Facebook Ads?
    • Are influencers quoting too high to share content?
    • Are you unable to track and monitor your metrics?
    • We have you covered.

Who will you learn from?

Scaling D2C brands is a science, if taught by those who've been there & done that successfully. Here's the experts we've gotten to volunteer to join us for the program.

Samriddh Dasgupta

Chief Marketing Officer at Heads Up For Tails

Expertise: Brand Storytelling

Nikhil Goyal

ex Co-Founder at Henry & Smith at


Shalabh Gupta

Chief Growth Officer at Noise

Expertise: Product Development

Abhishek Gupta

Vice President, Growth at Mamaearth

Expertise: Customer Retention Strategy

Prathamesh Dembla

Head of Growth at Licious

Expertise: Building Digital Growth Strategy

Parasar Sarma

VP - Growth at Wakefit

Expertise: Website CRO and Affiliate Marketing

Siddharth Menon

Chief Marketing Officer at Epigamia

Expertise: Scaling Offline

Arindam Paul

Founding Member and Head, Marketing and Strategy at Atomberg Technologies

Expertise: Amazon Marketplace Optimisation

Marmik Mankodi

AVP - Marketing at Man Matters

Expertise: Growth Planning & Target Setting

Sneha Kaul

Head of Brand Strategy at VAHDAM® India

Expertise: Influencer Marketing & UGC

Damandeep Singh Soni

Chief Business Officer at GlobalBees

Expertise: Growth Marketing Strategy

Rumi Ambastha

Director- Brand Marketing at The Man Company

Expertise: Brand Collaborations

Anshul Bansal

Vice President at Fireside Ventures

Expertise: Evaluating D2C Business Health

Akshay Surendra

Senior Marketing Manager at Amazon Pay


Prateek Malpani

Head Of Brand at WakeFit

Expertise: Executing 360° Brand Campaign

Sandesh Gupta

Head Of Digital Marketing at WakeFit

Expertise: Scaling Business on Marketplace

Mahuya Chaturvedi

CMO and Online Business Head at Baggit

Expertise: Luxury Marketing

Aradhika Mehta

Chief Marketing Officer at Lotus Herbals

Expertise: Scaling Influencers & Driving PR

Gaurisha Gupta

CEO & Co-Founder at Henry & Smith

Expertise: Building Facebook Ad Funnel

Shalin Bhatt

ex-Head of Growth at Zomato

Expertise: Building A D2C Metrics Dashboard


How is the program structured?

We've designed the learning to be application-centric. You will learn by doing. Apply each weeks learning to your organisation & discuss the results with your cohort peers to get it right. With each week opening up new growth ideas, the program culminates in summarising a transformation plan that you intend to execute for your company over the next quarter to drive growth!


Optimizing Marketplace Operations

Optimising listings, using platform ads, delivery timelines, understanding all costs, identifying marketplace nuances & measuring platform level profitability.

OUTCOME: Improve Amazon product listing and organic visibility


Branding & Positioning

Why do customers choose your product? What does your brand stand for? How will you build awareness? How to plan around the media expenditure?

OUTCOME: Craft a storyline for your brand.


Scaling Performance Advertising

Driving Paid Traffic - via advanced creative optimization, media planning, targeting & attribution. Converting site traffic - landing page optimization, conversion tracking & lead management. Monitoring & influencing metrics that matter. Evaluating Outsourcing Vs in-house.

OUTCOME: Optimised and Updated your Ad content mix.


Organic Customer Acquisition & Content Loops

Planning your content strategy to drive commerce via social, email, word-of-mouth, PR & SEO. Designing content loops that self perpetuate

OUTCOME: Organic user acquisition and retention.


Driving Retention & Optimizing Purchase Experience

Identifying key growth levers, driving repeats & cross-ordering, Identifying payback periods & customer lifetime value. How to build a purchase experience optimized for discovery & trust-building. Scaling delivery, manage returns & logistics.

OUTCOME: Loyalty program and post purchase experience optimisation.


New Product Development

How to figure out product roadmap by identifying gaps in the market? How do you evaluate product ideas? How can this become part of the process?

OUTCOME: Building new SKU based on need and fix pricing loopholes.


Raising Capital & Planning Exits

When are you ready to raise capital ? Debt Vs Equity? VC Vs Strategic Investors ? Whats your fund raising pitch & how do you demonstrate traction

OUTCOME: Fix key loopholes that is stoping you from being a VC pick.


Xpert D2C Shark Tank

Select Cohort Members get a chance to pitch & seek investor feedback for their businesses - from a panel of top D2C VCs, revenue based financiers & aggregator rollups. Aiming to deliver the best capital source for your business & milestones necessary to achieve it.

OUTCOME: Fix your fund raising pitch.

What is the time commitment?

Our core sessions require up to 5 hours per week and intend to offer a mix of learning, application, inspiration & discussion to key concepts.


(10am - 12pm)

XPERT Live Session 1

In-person interviews & case study discussion with D2C experts from mcaffeine, MamaEarth, Wakefit, Bombay Shaving Company, etc.


(1:30pm - 3:30pm)

XPERT Live Session 2

In-person interviews & case study discussion with D2C experts from mcaffeine, MamaEarth, Wakefit, Bombay Shaving Company, etc.


(9:30am - 10:00am)

Peer Discussion Groups

Brainstorm with your allocated squad of 3 members to share ideas and insights based on "reading of the week". Best time to bond.


(5:00pm - 7:00pm)

Do It With Me Workshops : [ALTERNATE]

Get your team and start executing on the frameworks shared in the presence of the expert. No more procrastination or fear of going wrong.

What happens once you join?

We've designed the experience to make it highly application friendly & interactive. The experience is delivered as a mix of the live lectures, expert guest case studies & active participation across cohort members.

Attend LIVE XPERT Sessions

Each week multiple experts from leading D2C brands come together & share their learnings via case studies & frameworks. These are designed as workshops, leveraging breakouts & peer discussions. As cohort attendees, you get to learn from their experiences & leave with actionable frameworks to apply their insights to your business directly.

Attend Do It With Me Workshops

Own your marketing muscle in-house. Apply frameworks & learnings directly to your company along with your team. The expert hand holds you during these workshops to make sure you get the framework execution right.

Network and Collaborate with other D2C peers

Connect with fellow D2C founders & pick their brains on your immediate challenges. Leverage each other's audiences to structure deeper collaborations for driving mutual growth. Seeking immediate answers? The community instantly reaches out with answers and advice that worked best for them - be it regarding service providers, hiring, hacks, campaigns, etc. We are so proud of our community that learns and grows together.

Strategise for Growth

Once you have won the survival game the next step is growth. It can be a little overwhelming. You meet the leading VC's at our D2C Shark Tank in week 8, wherein 5 shortlisted brands get to make their pitch. The panel helps the cohort understand what is the right way of raising funds based on your business. Scale your brand with the help of our partners - Fireside Ventures, Verlinvest, A91 Partners, Velocity, and Powerhouse 91.

What am I paying for?

Your experience does not end with 8 weeks, here's what you get to experience beyond:

  • Attending D2C Growth Cohort Program LIVE
  • 1:1 Requests For Expert Consultation (3 months)
  • Access to XPERT Peer Community on Whatsapp (3 months)
  • Access XPERT Knowledge Base + Forum (3 months)
  • Attend LIVE Sessions + Workshops from future cohorts (3 months)
  • D2C Tools Evaluator + Pricing Benefits (3 months)

Startup Fees

Rs 29,999

Corporate Fees

Rs 39,999

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How do I apply?

1. Once your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and our team will queue your application for review.

2. Our admissions team will then review your application by hand in the order that it's received. We receive hundreds of applications so we appreciate your patience as this step can take 2-4 days.

3. Once our team has reached an admission decision, you will be notified via email and WhatsApp for your interview round.

4. If shortlisted, you will then have to make payment and complete your enrollment within 2 days to secure your seat.

Many D2C brands have already joined us

What Our Xpert Alumni has to say?

"Great experts, who took the time to come and explain things to us. In terms of the quality of sessions, you guys went beyond expectations. Good peers & good organizing of sessions.Would definitely suggest others do it. It's a good place to learn. It's a place where you can actually come and learn something. It's an investment in your brand and its vision. "

Gaurav Khemka, Founder and CEO at Polka Pop

"I loved that every session was very topic-specific. The way we can just pick up pointers from the session and implement it was very useful."

Surabhi Talwar, Co-founder & CEO at Happy Jars

"It is a brilliant entry point to the D2C ecosystem, a good place to get connected with like-minded folks."

Sulay Lavsi, Founder at Bummer

"I did not expect the sessions to be so good and powerful. After the 1st session, I realized it was a great decision to join this. It helped me put the next few years in perspective."

Jatin Mandawat, Partner at AMYRA

"Found it very powerful & useful for me. These 8 weeks have given me a long list of things I need to get deeper into and also gave me a push. This program has given me exactly what I wanted out of it, i.e a list of things I need to run after."

Pragya Batra, Head of Business and marketing at Quirksmith Lifestyle

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be required to invest around 4 hours on Saturdays and 1 hour[optional] during the week to learn techniques and frameworks from D2C experts.
We will have only 100 D2C founders. We aim to make it a highly selective cohort with founders from promising brands only.
The program requires you to be part of live sessions and tasks each week. The program has a fixed start and end date that you need to complete together.
Our intention is to maximize the quality of the cohort to ensure peer-to-peer learning. We shortlist founders who will find value and would be able to equally contribute to the program.
No. We have made sure we keep it feasible and provide maximum value in these 8 weeks to ensure the best ROI for you.
A good stable internet connection. Online learning is democratic, isn't it? But, your Videos MUST be on to ensure your presence.
Yes, you will receive a certificate on completion of the course.
Classes will become sessions. All sessions are conducted online and all you need is an internet connection to watch the videos and participate in LIVE activities. However, there might be physical meetups post COVID, which are optional to attend.
Given it's a cohort based program you are expected to join every weekend to make most use of the session and experts. In case you can't, you need to inform prior to get access to teh recordings and resources.
We receive hundreds of applications, so you need to grab on some patience. However, you will be informed about your application status over email in 2-4 days.
Each session begins with peer learning. And across the sessions we ensure that the cohort has ample opportunity to learn from each other.
We offer several EMI-based payments, all of which you can select as per your need during the checkout.

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