Why join Xpert?

We believe in social learning and stand by the fact that real-life experiences, opinions, techniques & advice can change the life of those who look up to you. These people identify you as their role-models & wish to emulate your journey to reach closer to their dream. Your every struggle or achievement is a valuable lesson for them to learn from and gain inspiration.

  • Give Back: Share your experience. Become that mentor, which you wish you had.
  • Impact At Scale: Amplify your reach. Influence your followers across geographies, age-groups & languages.
  • Be Recognized Among The Best: Join our elite, invite-only group. Join hands with other experts in this initiative.

Our Values

Every expert we onboard on our platform shares our values, which we stand by. These help guide our decisions towards building this community.

Our idols are our Best Teachers

Experiences are Life Changing

Sharing knowledge is a duty

Who is an Xpert?

An Inspiration. An Idol. One who dared to make dreams into reality. One who’s been there, done that. The best you can think of in any profession. The one who made a mark by rising up from failure becoming an inspiration to all.

How does it work?

We aim to maximize your impact & minimize your time commitment. We leverage our mobile app to capture your story, answers & update you on your impact.

Download App To Register

All experts are invited to join. We keep Xpert invite-only to ensure credibility is maintained.

Receive the most urgent questions

Followers ask you questions, but only the most popular are sent to you for an answer, which you get to review.

Answer & share back your knowledge

You can record answers via video/ audio directly. On average an answer takes less than 3 mins.


Have Questions?

We handpick experts based on our User requests. If you are a strong inspiration in their lives, we reach out to you.
An Inspiration. An Idol. A genius who dared to make dreams into reality. The best you can think of in any profession. The one who made a mark by rising up from failures to becoming the inspiration of millions.
Absolutely nothing. Your little time and inspiration story are all that we need.
There would be a set of questions expected for you to answer. You would hardly take 60seconds to answer any question.
You have to use our Admin App. Given the platform is invite-only. Our team would share the invite code with the experts they consider to be on the platform. Once you are logged in to the App, you will have a set of questions that you need to answer.
Your followers would have questions on your early days, academics, failures, success, challenges, opinions, advice, etc. They would like the snippets of your life to get motivated.
If you wish back to your followers and make a change in their lives via your story, this is the place to be.
As you answer questions on the App. It is totally based on your discretion if you want to put the question behind a paywall and earn from it from your followers or if you wish to give back to your followers at large for FREE.
Anytime at your convenience. We understand your busy schedule so totally leave it to your discretion.
You have the complete right to decide and reject questions based on your preference.
We intend to give users 100% right insights directly from you. So, therefore, we encourage only video answers. We make sure there is no scope of edit to your word.
You can find our App on Android as well as in IOS. Check this link: http://bit.ly/2R3WkO9
We ask for your commitment and patience to make this initiative a success. Anytime during this course, if you feel it’s not worth your time, you can withdraw.
If you have queries or wish to join as an Xpert write to us on [email protected]
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