Become an Content Marketer in 8 weeks.

Currently, engagement-driven and quality content is the focal point of all marketing strategies on the internet. No wonder there’s tremendous scope for a career in content marketing. Need the necessary guidance and advice to help kickstart your content marketing career? Learn via live sessions from top content marketers over 8 weeks and start creating brand stories.

Application Deadline : April 2021

Cohort 1 Kick Off : May 2021

Who can apply ?

For the one’s who love story telling, this ia your call. Good communication skills is “not” the paramount criteria

Marketing Professionals

Content Writers/Copywriters


PR/Corporate Communication Professionals

Who will you learn from ?

We have the storytellers from best consumer driven brands to share their tale and techniques of building brand stories.

Devyani Tyagi

Brand Manager

Perpetual learner. Assertive & enthusiastic communicationist

Geetika Bangia

Lead PR Corporate Communications

A true story teller and true believer in story living professional.

Anindita Sinha

Head of Corporate Communications

Anindita is a creative thinker, dedicated, ambitious, result driven leader and thoughtful individual.

Anusua Banerjee

Manager Brand Solutions

Heading the production & content vertical for all branded content IPs & campaigns at CNBC.

Gaurav Jain

Head Of Content, Red Bull India

Shubham is an experienced content professional with diverse experience as an independent producer, as well as stints in the Broadcast & OTT sphere.

Karishma Govil

Content Head (Influencer News Desk) at MissMalini Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Karishma primarily heads the influencer news desk #MissMaliniTrending at MissMalini.

Program Director

Punita Parekh

Deputy GM for Content Marketing

A media veteran for over a decade specialized in Broadcast Media in Content Marketing, Storytelling for brands.

A media veteran with more than 16 yrs of storytelling experience with brands like CNBC-TV18 & TIMES NETWORK handling content marketing solutions across various industries. Conceptualized and implemented several customized & integrated media solutions for brands. Being an integral part of narrating brand stories across media, she has garnered awards and accolades from organizations she has been part of. ➢ Honoured with ‘Undying Fire’ award by CNBC- TV 18 for 2007-08 for out-performing consistently.➢ Honoured with ‘Pride of Times Television Network’ by Times Network in 2014 for exceptional performance and outstanding contribution to brand content.

How does it work ?

Learn how to build barnd stories + content strategies

Interact 1:1 with top Content Marketing Professionals.

Join an exclusive peer community of Content Lovers and Marketers.


What will you Be doing ?

You will experience the thought and techniques of creating of wonderful brand stories. You will then execute the same on a startup, get feedback and grow.

Download Program Syllabus


Introduction to the ABC’s of Content Marketing


Building an Online Presence and Make Money With the Power of Content


Building a Strategy Powered by SEO (Advances)


Deep Dive Into Social Media Strategy (Advances)


Creating Value Driven Content Strategy for Email Marketing (Advances)


Creating Quality Blog Content That Your Audience Will Love (Advances)

How is every week structured ?

The program is eight weeks long and requires up to 4 hours per week. This is how we would function across every week.

Saturday (2 Hrs)

LIVE Classes & Brainstorming

Detailed strategies taught by the program director, focused on growth, marketing, and metrics

Wed & Thursday (1Hr x 2)

XPERT Fireside Case Studies

In-person interviews & discussions with top growth leaders from 1mg , Dunzo, Zomato, Supr Daily, and more

Tuesday (1 Hr)

Learning by working on live projects

Apply the weeks learnings to a REAL Startup or your own company + discuss / engage around the merits


Your 8 week Journey

In this program you will be working on Xpert as a startup and get access to weekly live sessions, founder fireside chats, and a community of vetted peers to help you execute what you learn.

Application Deadline : April 2021

Cohort 1 Kick Off : May 2021


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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be required to invest around 5-6 hours during the weekends for a period of 8 weeks.
Once you register with your LinkedIn profile and intent of joining, the team shortlists the relevant candiadates for a further telephonice interview. Once done, you are ready to get started.
We handpick 20 people. People with passion and need are the ones that make it to our bootcamps.
The bootcamp requires you to be part of sessions, work on assignments and submit them on time every week. So no, the bootcamp can't be done at your own pace.
There is no degree based criteria. We look for integrity, ability to learn fast and the drive to go deep solving problems. We love people who wish to learn and grow together. Also, a decent webcam, microphone, and internet connection is a must.
The training and community is designed to increase your odds of getting roles. I can't guarantee success but you will receive personalized coaching that will help you build a portfolio and confidently apply for internships, freelance and full-time roles. Also the best performers get referrals.
If you're not happy with the course within the first 7 days, you will receive a full refund.
Yes, you will receive a certificate on completion of the course. However, the skills you build are what will unlock opportunities for you, not the certificate.
All course instruction will be online and all you need is an internet connection to watch the videos and participate in class activities. However, there might be physical meetups post COVID, which are optional to attend and the costs will have to be borne by you.
The program is designed for working professionals. The core curriculum will be covered over the weekends. However, there's some community event happening in the evenings on a daily basis, you get to pick what you want to attend.
Not very long. If we like what you can bring into the Xpert community, we'll schedule an interview with you to discuss your goals. If we see a fit, you are in. The entire process takes about a week.
Yes, you can apply even if you're a school or college student. The program is designed to be beginner friendly. The focus is though to get you job ready.
It's always good to remember that companies don't hire certifications/degrees, they hire you. Be it any college or coursel, what ultimately matters to a company is the value you bring to the table. If you have the skills, you'll find your way.