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We all go to colleges to crack our first job. But how do you continue to learn & grow as a marketer? How do you make new 'marketing' friends ? Where can you 'hang out' & seek advice around your work challenges ? How can you give back to help others grow ? We're hoping to solve all of these

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Learn Beyond Your Organization

Find new 'teachers' beyond your seniors & bosses to learn from. Attend community events where expert practitioners share their strategies, insights , techniques & experiences via AMA's, Interviews & Workshops. Stay updated on the best industry wide practices, tools & techniques.

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Meet Your Tribe

Discuss, chat, and learn from a diverse community of marketers across B2B, Saas, D2C, Consumer Tech, Edtech industries. Reach out to seek their advice, opinions & feedback. Share your insights, contribute to discussions & be heard. Develop strong friendships via meaningful conversations (vs blind connection requests!) .

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Share Knowledge & Pay It Forward

Volunteer to host sessions & events facilitating knowledge exchange. Share those learnings, which you've earned via your experiences. Gain recognition, appreciation & satisfaction to help nurture younger minds & shape new careers. Work with the Xpert team & develop specific cohort training programs to monetize your expertise further!

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Who Can Join ?

We're open to marketers across all levels, working at reputed organizations, sharing our values. Here's how we aim to be relevant to you, given your experience & exposure.


Trying to settle into a new marketing role? Looking to make new introductions in the marketing community? Access the must-read content, sharpen your tool knowledge & learn the industry best practices. Make your first 'industry friends' out to solve similar challenges.


Looking to accelerate your career trajectory ? Want to start building expertise on your domain ? Engage with experts over AMA's & Interviews. Build your mental models by learning from other's experiences. Build strategic relationships & find new collaboration partners.

VP's / Directors/ CMO's

Looking to share your knowledge & expertise to help shape new careers ? Want to gain recognition as an expert in your domain ? Looking to find and connect with other 'experts' to geek out with & even evaluate teaching as a side hustle. You'll be able to experience all such interactions & conversations.

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