Encouraging Body Positivity and the Power Of A Well Defined Target Audience! -Amydus


Increase in ROAS

Xpert made us realize the fundamental need of getting to know our customers’ complementary purchases and the power of an audience with actual purchase history! With increased ROAS it seems like an exciting time ahead for Amydus. - Kartik Sapra, Co-Founder.


Amydus is a one stop destination of plus size fashion for contemporary Indian Women. Democratizing fashion across size boundaries, Amydus caters to the much needed demand for readymade plus size clothing online in India. The niche brand has a wide range of trendy women’s apparel from 2XL up to 9XL. From gorgeous dresses, kurtis to jeans, t-shirts and tops of latest fashion, Amydus has it all when it comes to plus size clothing for women.

Dealing in plus size clothing meant that the brand’s target market was limited in size and getting their targeting right was the most important thing for their ad success. Although the brand tried Facebook's interest based and lookalike audience, the ad performance was declining at a concerning rate. To achieve a viable ad campaign strategy Amydus joined Xpert platform.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

For Amydus to succeed, a well defined and targeted audience was the most important need. Xpert understood the products and the problems it solved and built an audience which was an amalgamation of high intent buyers with actual purchase history and a lookalike audience who made complementary purchases around similar problem solving products.

The customer type was determined to be females and working professionals of tier-1 and tier-2 cities who needed plus size clothing. To build a lookalike audience base, complementary purchases of business casuals, ethnic wear, formal wear, smart casual were taken into account and interests such as expressing personal identity, feel confident, stay comfortable, appearance conscious, and foodie were considered.

Results Achieved:

Xpert’s audience of serious buyers and high intent lookalikes, worked wonders for the fashion brand. In a matter of weeks, the ads started showing results beyond expectations with a notable 25% increase in ROAS. Xpert got the targeting right which resulted in viable advertising as the brand saw a 17% decrease in cost/conversion and 16% decrease in CPC.


Decrease in Cost/Conversion


Decrease in CPC


Increase in ROAS

Inferences & Insights

Every brand's customer 'lookalikes' is limited by the size of their customer base. Leveraging our lookalikes generated from past purchasers across complementary brands provide 10-100X greater data points for platforms to target & influence the right buyers.

Scaling Beyond

With the help of Xpert , Amydus enjoyed a decent success for its products across categories. As they keep coming up with new innovative styles of clothing, they will continue using Xpert’s platform to propel their success.

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