Boosting New Product Sales through Customer Conversations

Atomberg initially struggled to prompt online store purchases for their newly introduced Mixer Grinders through Meta ads. However, by reshaping their customer acquisition strategy, they successfully transformed website visitors into promising leads, effectively informing and influencing them to become customers


For over a decade, Atomberg has embarked on a mission to revolutionize the realm of home appliances in India. With a steadfast dedication to innovation and a customer-centric ethos, they are reshaping the landscape of the home appliance industry. Every product, from their initial line of Fans to the latest addition of Mixer Grinders, embodies meticulous product design, energy efficiency, and cutting-edge smart technology. However, when Atomberg faced challenges driving website conversions for their freshly introduced Mixer Grinders through Meta ads, they decided to pivot their approach. Instead of merely adjusting pricing or creatives, they reevaluated their customer acquisition strategy.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

Atomberg recognized the need to introduce a personal touch to persuade consumers toward the final purchase decision. They opted for a more engaging approach and decided to try out Xpert's Targeted Audiences alongside Meta’s Audiences in this approach. Xpert delved into Atomberg's customer data, gaining profound insights into their audience targeting requirements. Consequently, Xpert tailored a strategy to engage with audiences demonstrating both an intent and capacity to purchase complementary Premium Home Appliances. These were individuals with the financial means and a genuine interest in the advertised product, who perhaps required additional information and persuasion to make the decisive purchase. Using their new strategy and nurturing customer inquiries via leads, Atomberg witnessed a substantial surge in website conversions. Precisely targeting the right audience led to a notable increase in website visitors taking affirmative actions. The customer service center experienced a surge in call volumes, with potential customers inquiring about their Mixer Grinders. The optimization of ad targeting, eliminating non-serious buyers and unrelated visitors, led to a significant reduction in wasteful impressions.


Notably, the Click-Through Rates (CTR) for Top of Funnel (TOF) Mixer Grinder Ads increased, jumping from 1.5 to as high as 5 for select audiences. However, when it came to evaluating ROAS, Xpert’s audiences did not perform better than Meta’s interest based Audiences. A closer examination by Xpert, though, revealed that Atomberg's ideal customers typically identified as Working Professionals or Cooking Enthusiasts.

Inferences & Insights

Using a one glove fits all marketing approach ends up being too broad to drive conversions at all product stages. Analyzing user behavior basis their activity on store sites, and understanding their specific reservations is crucial to make your target customer definition much tighter & hence effective in driving brand objectives. The use case above stressed the importance of being innovative with your marketing strategies and underscores the need for precise audience targeting. In the vast digital landscape, it's not just about reaching many; it's about reaching the right ones.

Testing Methodology

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